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Thank you guys so much for all of your continued support! It always brings me joy to post one of these journals! Thank you so much guys!!



His Princess

Chapter Ten: Holy Fire

                It had only been two days since The Crow spoke with his father, but things had certainly changed between him and The Feline for the better. She was becoming much more open with him and was getting much better at showing him physical affection. Now, she was often times the one to initiate a kiss or hug. Today, he was going to search for more servants for the manor and The Feline was going to stay and watch over the master. He was definitely not looking forward to being apart from his devoted for a day. He currently laid in bed next to her. She was so beautiful when she was asleep, for she was much calmer and less argumentative. Her (curly/straight/etc.) (h/c) locks framed her face nicely and her nose was nuzzled into his bare chest. He rubbed her back with the hand that was already resting on it and he felt her squirm in his arms a bit. She opened her (e/c) eyes to stare into his crimson ones.

                “Good morning, Kitten.” She stretched her arms before repositioning herself in his arms once more.

                “Good morning, my Crow.” He smirked. This was another thing he enjoyed about their newfound closeness. She began to refer to him as “hers” not just “Crow,” but “my Crow.”  He petted her hair gently, enjoying her warmth.

                “We have to get up, Kitten. I need prepare the carriage for my journey.” The Feline wrapped her arms around his firm form.

                “I don’t want you to leave.” Her voice held a touch of sorrow in it and The Crow wished that he could take her with him.

                “You know that I would take you with me if could, Kitten, but you need to watch over the master.” She nodded reluctantly and stood from the bed. Her short dressing gown caught The Crow’s attention and he stared greedily at the soft skin of her legs. His eyes traveled up to her round rear. Just soft enough to squeeze and just firm enough—

                “Crow, stop looking at my ass. We talked about this yesterday.” He sighed.

                “I can’t help that you are attractive to me in such ways.” He stood also and moved so that he stood directly behind her. He wrapped his arms around her stomach so that their bodies were pressed together tightly. He lifted his hands and ran them down her sides, drawing a soft sigh from her. He smirked, but his happiness was short-lived, for The Feline removed his hands from her body. 

                “Hands off.” He pouted and rolled his crimson eyes. “It’s too early in the morning to deal with horny demons.” He smirked before he reached for her body again. She wasn’t fast enough this time and before she knew it, The Feline had her legs wrapped around his waist and her back against the wall.

                “You are so delectable, Kitten,” he inhaled her scent. “You don’t even know how hard it is for me to refrain from ravishing you before the Ceremony.” She shuddered at his words. He stroked her cheek with his free hand and supported her rear with his other. “There is no need for fear, Kitten.”

                “Who said I was afraid?” Her eyebrows knitted together, angry at his assumption. She turned her face from him and motioned for him to put her down. He didn’t relent to her and instead gripped her tighter.

                “Okay, perhaps fear wasn’t the right word, but you should know nonetheless. I also know that you are beginning to hunger for me as well, Kitten. It is only natural, after all. But, I will wait.” The Feline blinked in confusion.

                “Say that I supposedly…share this hunger. Why do you wait?” The Crow smirked.

                “The longer the wait, the sweeter the reward, my dear. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have small hints of that reward.” His eyes were a deep shade of red as he stared into her (e/c) ones. They both knew what the other was thinking and neither hesitated. The couple drew their lips to each other’s in sync and they both met in a feverish kiss. His hands that supported her rear groped her body in search of smooth skin. Her hands rubbed all over his bare chest and both of their tongues were engaged in a fierce battle. The couple’s breathing became labored with each passing second and small sighs escaped their mouths. This continued for a few more minutes before The Feline pulled her legs from his waist and her mouth from his. She left The Crow with his lips still puckered and his eyes half-lidded. When he did open his eyes, she saw that they were a demonic fuchsia.

                “That was a really big hint, my Crow.” His eyes slowly returned to their bright crimson and he panted. His body was filled with warmth and need.

                “I want you so badly, Kitten.” He wanted to wrap his arms around and to lay her on the bed and then partake in a whole slew of ungodly things with her. She shook her head.

                “After that, we can’t make out for at least two days. I’m afraid we—and by we, I mean you—might lose it.” With that, The Feline retreated to the washroom, acting as if nothing had happened. The Crow watched her as she left him and growled quietly. He didn’t know if he would have the patience to complete the contract before the Ceremony. Perhaps he would have to ask his master for a weekend off after the servants were fetched. He contemplated on the idea a bit before he himself decided to head to the washroom to prepare for the day.


                “Good morning, young master. Today, I have prepared Earl Grey with an assortment of scones and jams. To accompany it, I have prepared scrambled eggs and salmon. Is everything to your liking, my lord?” The Feline asked as she drew back the curtains in the master’s room. The light from the curtains bounced about the room and her white apron and gloves glowed with the hot white light, thus reflecting directly into the boy’s eyes.

                “Good morning, ______, and yes, everything is to my liking.” She nodded and placed the food and silverware on a neighboring table, for the master preferred to eat in the privacy of his room. “How do you fair today, ____?”

                “Quite well. And you, my lord?” He shrugged.

                “I’m in a vengeful mood.” The Feline sighed.

                “You say that every day, master. Sebastian and I are doing all that we can to pinpoint who killed your parents. It’s hard to search for things that are inhuman on Earth, my lord.” The boy nodded.

                “I am quite aware, _____. I’m also aware that having me to watch over all the time also hinders your searching. That is why I am sending Sebastian to find servants that are equipped to protect me and my home while you two are…working.” The Feline came to stand in front of him.

                “Do you mind if I sit, my lord?” The boy shook his head as he chewed a mouthful of salmon. “Sebastian and I will always have you at the front of our minds. It’s because of the contract. No matter how much trouble you’re in, Sebastian and I will come for you. We simply cannot trust the servants with our meal, especially when you are so delicious.” The boy shuddered a bit.

                “I ordered you and Sebastian never to lie to me, so I know you speak truth. However, I want you to be able to look around without me if that becomes necessary. I also doubt that I am first in your thoughts. The way you two behave around each other tells me that he is first in your mind and you in his.” The Feline shook her head.

                “We are second in each other’s minds. You are first. We are bound by demonic law. Therefore, we simply cannot break it.” The boy nodded. The pair’s conversation was interrupted by a soft knock on the door. The Feline already knew who it was, for she would recognize  her mate’s scent anywhere.

                “Come in.” The Crow opened the door.

                “Master, I have prepared the carriage and I am ready for my journey.” The boy stood.

                “You best be off then. ____, you are free to see him away, if you so please.” The Feline nodded and joined her mate in the doorway. The couple walked in silence to the grand entrance of the manor and The Feline opened the door for her devoted to pass. He brushed a stray lock of her hair from her face and leaned in to kiss her softly. She blocked his lips with her cheek.

                “We’re in public, Sebastian. Kissing in an open doorway is very inappropriate.” He smirked.

                “I do not live by the laws of humans.” He kissed her softly before heading to the carriage. He smiled as he walked away.

                “I’ll be counting the hours until your return, Sebastian. But, mostly because your weird demon venom will start kicking in the further away you are.” He smirked.

                “I’ll make the pain go away as soon as I return, _______.” With that, she shut the door and went to tend to the kitchen.


                “I’m going to need another bottle of brandy, Samuel.” Her majesty, Queen Victoria, sat in her suite, swaddled in grief and satin blankets. One of the butlers bowed before speaking.

                “I beg your deepest pardon, your majesty, but that is the third bottle this week.” The queen sighed.

                “I know Samuel, but without my Albert, what reason do I have to stay coherent?” Samuel shook his head and bowed again.

                “The people of Britain need you to stay strong and coherent, your majesty.”

                “Who cares for those people? I don’t. I just want my Albert back.” The butler bowed and went to retrieve the bottle quickly. Soft sobs were heard from the bed. The black draped blob that was the queen was weeping again.

                “Alexandrina?” The queen looked up in disapproval.

                “Who dare calls me by my first name without the title of queen?” The voice tsked.

                “I, Alexandrina, am of much higher authority than you.” The queen pulled back her veil to see a man dressed in a white suit with snow white hair and lavender eyes.

                “I am the queen of Great Britain! I am the highest authority on this island. Who are you to me? You are a mere albino boy.”

                “I, your majesty, am an Angel of the Lord. I have come to help you fulfill the dreams of your late Albert.”  The queen scoffed.

                “I don’t know how you managed to get in here and how a loony like you managed to get past the guards, but you will be leaving now.” The fallen angel scoffed.

                “My name is Ezekiel, but you may call me whatever you wish. If I weren’t an angel, how could I return youth to your face?” The queen stood and walked to her vanity and nearly fainted. Her, a woman of sixty-nine, didn’t look a day over twenty-one. She spun towards the angel.

                “What the hell are you?” Her eyes were wide with fear.

                “Wrong location, your majesty. I am an Angel of the Lord and I am here to help you turn Great Britain into Extraordinary Britain. All it takes is a little holy fire of the Lord.”

Sherlock x Reader
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Thank you guys so much for all of your continued support! It always brings me joy to post one of these journals! Thank you so much guys!!


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