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His Princess

Chapter Eleven: Humanity

                The Crow never felt as bored as he did at this current moment in time. Humans. Humans were most certainly meant to be kept as food rather than companions. Every person he interviewed that possessed the smallest bit of ability to protect the young master and his manor were either dreadfully stupid or insane beyond compare. The Crow frowned, for he didn’t really expect there to be much of a difference from the actual results. From the moment he disembarked the carriage, he felt that he was going to be parading the streets of London for the next day or so.

                He was currently walking down one of the many alleys in London. Humans he thought to himself. How were they so impossibly useless? All they did was stand, and work, and eat, and get married, and have children, and die, only for their children to repeat the same pattern. Was this really all there was to their feeble lives? The frown remained glued to his face as he passed a group of drunken men. It’s only three o’clock. He rolled his eyes in disgust before he kept walking through the alley, surveying the crowd for people who appeared able-bodied and somewhat sane. His mind began to drift to his kitten. He sighed, for she must be in incredible pain because of his distance from her. He felt his palms begin to sweat at the thought of her. Her soft (s/c) skin and those silky (h/c) locks. He missed her already. He closed his eyes. If he thought deeply enough, he could almost feel her heat radiating off her body and drifting over to his own. His thoughts were short-lived however, for he had to open his eyes to the dank alleyway once more.

                In this portion, only beggars were to be seen. They littered the narrow streets as if they couldn’t keep away. They were like moths attracted to flames. He crinkled his nose again in disgust and surprise at the feeble humans. They only live sixty to seventy years on average and yet they choose to spend their lives poor and covered in filth? He rolled his eyes in annoyance as he kept on, ignoring the weakness that surrounded him and pulled his cloak up to his nose, only allowing his crimson eyes and long black locks to be seen. Out of the corner of his eye, he was able to see another pub, but this one only possessed one man. A burly, blonde man. The Crow looked closer and he could see that the blue eyes of the man held years of pain despite his youth. The Crow approached the man, eager to see what state his sanity was in. He lowered his cloak as he approached the small table. Upon closer inspection, The Crow noticed that the man held a pint of whiskey in his right hand. The hard stuff. The Crow tapped the man’s shoulder lightly.

                “What can I do you for?” The Crow smiled, for this man was American born. The Crow inspected the man’s unruliness a bit more before speaking. His stubble was grown in more places than others and his hat was crooked. The painful blue eyes looked as if they hadn’t been shut in weeks.

                “Excuse me, sir. I do not mean to interrupt you, but I was wondering if you were in need of a job? There is an opening at my master’s manor and it will require…special services that I think you will be able to help in.” The man quirked his eyebrows.

                “I am in need of work, but it depends on what services you’re talking about, as well as how stable it is and how it pays.” The Crow nodded.

                “How well are you equipped in the area of defense? My master has enemies and is weak himself and requires protection from others. My fiancé and I also have our hands full and need assistance protecting him, for he is barely thirteen.” The man nodded slowly while sipping his whiskey.

                “I worked in the army for quite some time. I’m quite well with artillery and explosives of every kind. I’ve seen a lot of bloodshed though, and I don’t desire to see much more. About the pay?” The man inquired, eager to know.

                “All of your expenses while living in the manor will be paid for and if you ever decide to leave, you will be given one thousand pounds for every year you work for my master. It pays quite well, sir. You’ll see little bloodshed, if any. My master is only recruiting people if my fiancé and I fail to protect him, which has a very small chance of happening.” The man nodded before sticking out his hand to The Crow.

                “The name’s Baldroy and tell your master that I’d be happy to work for him.” The Crow smiled, happy he finally found someone capable.

                “Sebastian Michaelis, and the master will be very proud to hear this. Please meet me here tomorrow with all of your belongings and I will escort you to the manor and assign you a duty.” Baldroy nodded. 

                “Until then, Sebastian,” said Baldroy before returning to his whiskey.

                “Until then, Baldroy.” The Crow walked off softly, pulling the cloak back up to his eyes again, dreading looking for the next candidate.


                The Feline was struggling desperately to fulfill her duties with the stabbing pain in her neck again. She didn’t understand why the mark couldn’t be taken off before the Mating Ceremony if the mate had no desire to leave her mate-to-be. The pain made her take a two minute break from dusting, which was about how long dusting actually took so she was a whole two minutes behind schedule. She was now on her last chore, cleaning the kitchen after dinner and she was very eager to go to bed, hoping that sleep would take the pain away momentarily. She grunted as she put the last dish away, cursing The Crow in her head for placing the damned mark there in the first place.

               When she finally did slip under her sheets, she sighed in relief. They were cool against the burning flesh of her neck, but she soon hated the cold and longed for the warmth of her Crow’s arms and body pressed to hers. She glared at his pillow as if it was him and she could blame it for her pain and current position. She grunted in anger before picking up the pillow and pulling it close to her own body, for it smelled like him. She inhaled the scent deeply. She missed his musky scent so much. She even missed his annoying pokes and appearances throughout her day in the manor. As she snuggled the pillow, she began to dwell on her feelings for her Crow. He had truly grown on her. She cared for him deeply and hated that she would have to live like this, in pain and without her mate, for at least two nights. She inhaled the pillow once more before she closed her eyes, willing herself to sleep.


                He knew. Ezekiel knew. He had stayed on manor grounds that day and noticed The Crow’s absence. He had seen every single aspect of The Feline’s day. He had to admit that she was extremely beautiful. He (h/l), (h/c) locks looked silky to the touch and her (s/c) skin looked softer than clouds on a summer day. Her eyes though were the most beautiful thing about her. They weren’t the crimson, gold, or dark blue shade that most demons possessed. They were a bright (e/c). A human shade. He was sure that she must be pure of heart and just condemned of her flesh as a demon. This made her even more appealing to him and would make the purification process much easier.  The Feline had failed to notice his presence due to the immeasurable pain in her neck and her own grief due to her mate’s absence. Tomorrow night, while the brat was sleeping, and The Feline was cleaning, he would take her. The Crow would return to the manor with three servants and would find his mate missing. But by the time he would realize where she was, “Ash” and the queen’s plan would be enacted and The Feline would have been purified. She would be as clean as a newborn human soul and Ezekiel would be able to change her into an angel as well as take her as his mate. After he and the queen purge Great Britain, the world will be cleansed next and the Almighty will have no choice but to accept Ezekiel back into heaven as well as his new mate. His plan was perfect.

SebastianxDemon!Reader His Princess ch 11
Okay, once again, so freaking sorry for the freaking long wait but here's chapter eleven!

Next: As Soon As Possible!!!!!!!!

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