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His Princess

Chapter Sixteen: Normalcy

                The aftermath of The Feline’s capture was remedied swiftly and with great precision. The true angel attended to Ezekiel’s deeds with the utmost finesse and quickness. The Almighty had ordered that the heavenly host make it so that his lost son seemed to never exist. Her majesty Queen Victoria was restored to her wise age and her mind was swept from the memories of her fallen angel butler. She was to go on and continue her life for the Lord’s work as she had done before. The only creatures that would know of the fallen angel called Ezekiel would be those who inhabited the spiritual realms of heaven and hell.

                The Feline and her crow returned to their master’s manor quickly after the angel had revived her. It was still early, most likely only three in the morning, when the pair returned. It seemed that Mey-Rin had already been tended to and given a room by the other servants upon her arrival a couple hours ago, so the couple entered the manor quietly, as not to disturb anyone. If everything went smoothly, the master would have no knowledge of what transpired that night and their lives would continue on with his demon servants by his side.

                The Feline and The Crow walked to the end of the servants’ hall with hands clasped together, now fully aware of the love that surrounded their demonic bond that was previously deemed impossible. They were both silent, basking in gratitude towards the angel for returning The Feline’s life so that they could fulfill their destiny as mates. Upon reaching the door of their shared quarters, The Crow removed his hand from his devoted’s and opened the door. He allowed her to pass first before he followed suit. The silence was thick, but it was not uncomfortable. After three days of separation and the events from hours prior, the two were brimming with felicitous thoughts in each other’s mere presence. It was seen in their actions as they prepared for bed. They would exchange playful glances at each other in the mirror as they brushed their teeth and washed their faces. There was a small nudge of hands as they searched through their shared wardrobe for night clothes. There were soft smiles as each one set a lit candle on his and her nightstand. It was in these moments when they were truly grateful to have each other. It was not until a while after the two had slid under the covers when words resumed.

                “The bed’s finally warm again.” She spoke softly, still treasuring the comfortable silence. The Crow nuzzled into her neck, wrapping his arms around her torso as he did so.

                “I’ll never let your bed grow cold again, Kitten.” She twisted in his embrace until they were facing one another. The Feline then wrapped her arms loosely around his neck and stared into his crimson eyes.

                “I missed you, my crow. I was hurt by more than the venom in my veins when you left.” The Crow nodded sadly, remorseful that things had to be as they were.

                “You know that I missed you terribly, Kitten. There wasn’t a singular moment when my mind was not drifting to you. I thought of your beautiful eyes, your soft lips, and…your warmth most of all. I never thought that I’d ever be this captivated by you when we first met.”

                “I’d never thought I’d be civil with you, let alone…love you.” There was space between her words, for she was still reluctant to say the word “love” seriously. The Crow pulled her closer to his body so that his neck could rest on her shoulder.

                “I’ve missed this so much, Kitten. It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve felt your body against mine.” He kissed the skin of her neck softly as his words dissipated. She rubbed his back gently through his night shirt, appeasing him with the warmth he so greedily desired.

                “We’re so dependent on one another. It took three mere days of separation for us to become as reliant on each other as a human child is reliant on its mother.” The Crow ceased his ministrations to speak.

                “But, you forget that I have also suffered through witnessing your death.” The Feline was silent and her hands slowed on his back. “Even though the woman I saw perish before me was not the woman I had chosen as my mate, I was wounded terribly just knowing that my mate went away with her.”

                “I’m sorry that this has happened, Crow, but it seems—”

                “Well, I’m not sorry. I’m furious. The nerve of my father to do something so despicable as to plot on my mate’s life? It’s horrible. It’s even dishonorable by hell’s standards.”  His arms tightened behind her back.

                “Let’s speak of more happy things, my crow. We can return to hell for our Mating Ceremony soon. We will only need to talk to the master tomorrow about arranging a wedding for _____ and Sebastian so that we can return to hell for our ‘honeymoon.’ We can finally be joined as we were intended to be and this time with both parties’ consent.” The Crow smiled at the words as his hands traveled lower towards The Feline’s rear.

                “That is happy news indeed, Kitten, for I cannot wait any longer. You torment me every time you so much as smile in my direction.” She laughed in his embrace as she reached a hand behind her back to move his to a safer position.

                “I know the wait’s been long to say the least, but you have even said when I confronted you that it would be best to wait until the Ritual.” The Crow sighed as he stroked her back.

                “Yes, I suppose I did. It’s just been torturous having to go without your touch for so long.” The Feline nodded before pulling away from him.

                “Well, these are all things to talk over in the morning with the master. It would be wise for us to sleep for the few hours we have left before morrow.” The Crow nodded before he also removed himself from her arms. The Feline began to turn to her side to blow out her candle when a warm, black-nailed hand stopped her. The Crow smiled.

                “That’s all good and well, Kitten, but I have yet to feel your lips against mine since our arrival.” The woman beside him smiled as they came together for their lips to unite. They once again became entangled in each other’s arms as they moved their lips together in sync. The Crow traced his tongue against the soft lips of his mate only to be denied access. They pulled away. “Three days and you still deny me, Kitten?” The woman laughed.

                “It is nearly four in the morning, and thus an improper time for such activities that a heated kiss can lead to.” The Crow smiled softly before turning over to his side. The Feline followed suit and they both blew out their candles, preparing for a short sleep before their work would begin.


                Morning came too quickly in the eyes of the couple as they prepared for work before the sun had even made its appearance. It was clearly visible in the way they begrudgingly donned their work attire just how unwanted this day of work was. The Crow buttoned his vest reluctantly as The Feline pulled on her stockings. She moved quickly, for her position as a servant in her previous contracts had instilled a quality of swiftness.

                “My, my! Crow, you must learn to be quick about the little things so you have time to accomplish the large feats.” She walked over to him quickly, now fully attired.

                “I fail to understand how you remain so warm on a day where you desire nothing more than to lie in bed beside your mate.” He smirked towards the end as The Feline took his tie from him and knotted it herself.

                “Well, unlike you, Prince Corvus, I had to work for a lot of things before I met you.” The Crow pouted, his hair falling into his face.

                “I’ve been on contracts too, Kitten.”

                “Yes, but I assume you played the part of a family member rather than a servant. Am I correct?” The Crow said nothing, for he knew his answer would only please his mate. She smiled before helping him with his tailcoat and pushing his bangs out of his face.

                “You know, Kitten, I can dress myself.” He spoke in a somewhat annoyed tone and she only smiled.

                “Oh, mister butler, you know that you love it when I dress you and you know that it’s rather enjoyable for me, for I get to see you half-naked.” The Crow frowned as he recalled the reason why he bought her gowns with only corset backs when he first took her to the palace in hell.

                “You use my own words against me, Kitten.” He smiled before pulling his mate into a warm embrace and kissing her on the nose.

                “Enough talking, we must prepare for the day.”


                It was six thirty when the three servants, Bard, Finny, and Mey-Rin, stood in a line in the kitchen with “Sebastian and ______” standing before them.

                “Now, Bard, you will assist me in the kitchen today and I will leave you on your own tomorrow to become the chef. Finny, you will go with Mister Sebastian in the gardens. Mey-Rin, you will help Mister Tanaka with the dusting and other cleaning that needs to be done.” The Feline spoke in an authoritative voice, now in command of her own “army.” The Crow simply nodded along with what she said, for he knew only what she taught him of being a servant. Mey-Rin joined the little butler who stood off to the side. She walked in an inconsistent path, for she could barely see out of her thick bifocals. Finny joined The Crow. The Feline smiled at her mate and the boy, for she could see “Sebastian” as being somewhat of a savior to the boy. Bard was the last to break from the line and join her behind the counter.

                “Now, now, pretty lady, what are we cookin’ today, besides romance of course?” The blonde spoke suggestively, raising his eyebrows along with his words.

                “Well, Bard, I don’t think—”

                “Baldroy, a word?” The Crow sauntered over quickly, a closed-eyed smile plastered on his face. The Feline sighed, knowing that her mate’s eyes must be flashing from crimson to fuchsia beneath their lids.

                “Oh, hello there, Sebastian! I haven’t seen you since a day an’ a half ago! How are you?” The Crow opened his eyes and gave his best effort to keep his temper.

                “Well, I’ve been excellent, thank you, but you must know that Miss ______ is my fiancé, don’t you? I’d prefer that you keep your filthily flirtatious comments out of her ears, your disgusting and dirty hands off of her, and your rotten mouth away from hers. I may have rescued you from a life of damnation and poverty in that alley, but you’ll be damned here if I so much as imagine you laid a finger on my betrothed.” With that, The Crow walked to the gardens quickly as Finny followed close behind him.

                “Well…Bard?” The man jumped at the sound of his name.

                “Yes, Miss ______! I am prepared for duty without any fraternization between a woman who is promised to such a great man.” The Feline laughed.

                “Didn’t I tell you I was promised upon our meeting? Next time, you should choose to listen.”


                “What’s it like to be in love, Mister Sebastian?” The boy spoke calmly as he carried six large bags of soil alongside the butler carrying bags of flower seeds. The man beside him faltered in his steps, still unsure of how exactly to understand love.

                “Well, if I am to be completely honest with you, I never believed I’d find love. I used to believe that love was something only for the weak, but I have come to realize recently that it makes one strong.” The boy set the bags of soil down before speaking again.

                “That’s all good and well, but what’s it like being in love with someone as lovely as Miss ____? I’ve never met any other woman besides Mother, but Miss _____ is benevolent and she showed me kindness. You must be blessed by the angels above to be paired with someone as brilliant as her.”

                “Funny that you should mention angels… I suppose you could say that. I’m just now beginning to understand the enigma that is love. Everything about the feeling is so foreign. But, being in love with Miss _______ is…euphoric. I’ve never met a woman, or anybody, quite like her. She’s brought out compassion in me that I did not believe I had. Loving another is nearly burdensome though.” The boy blinked back his teal orbs in confusion.

                “Burdensome? How could a feeling described as euphoric become burdensome?”

                “Oh, Finny, we’re so dependent on each other. In all honesty, I simply cannot imagine life without her. If she were to leave me today, for any reason, I do not believe I would be able to journey on without her by my side.” The Crow swallowed slowly as he thought back to the night prior, experiencing his mate’s death again before the boy spoke.

                “Dependency is not necessarily a bad thing, Mister Sebastian. I depend on people like you to give examples of how a life should be wholesomely lived. Without that, who knows where I would be? Without your saving me, I would be so utterly lonely and miserable.”

                “Was it not the dependency you had on your parents that left you trapped?”

                “Mister Sebastian, all children depend on their parents. The problem is that children do not get to choose their parents. If that were so, I’m sure my mother would have been the most barren woman and my father would have been the most sterile man. No child longs for parents as awful as they. But, I’m sure you and Miss _____ would be the most fertile couple in the whole of England with how wonderful the two of you have been to me.” The Crow smiled down at the boy.

                “This world doesn’t deserve you, Finnian. It’s treated you poorly, yet you still possess such a positive outlook on life. Life is fleeting, kindness is fleeting, this very world is fleeting. It’s all fragile, for if anything can be created, it can be destroyed.”

                “That’s not the way to think about life, Mister Sebastian. You must live, not merely exist.” The Crow picked up three of the bags the boy set down before he started walking away towards a large meadow. “Mister Sebastian?”

                “Come along, Finny. Unfortunately, we cannot lounge around all day discussing these children’s stories of love and security and innocent bliss. We have a garden to tend to and another one to plant.” The boy followed eagerly behind him, a large simper upon his face, exposing every tooth.


                “What the hell are you thinking, Bard?! You cannot roast a turkey with a flamethrower! How did you even manage to bring that into the manor!?” The Feline dashed around the kitchen with a blanket, attempting desperately to smother the flames.  “I leave for five minutes and you set the whole kitchen on fire!” The blonde shook, spreading ashes around the kitchen as he did so.

                “I thought that if I’d been cookin’ good with a stove that I’d be cookin’ even better with me flamethrower. Please don’t tell Mister Sebastian! He’ll get mad at me for givin’ you trouble and who knows what he’ll do next?” The chef shook his head furiously, almost as if he were trying to rid his mind of thoughts of Sebastian punishing him.

                “Well, I don’t give a damn about what Sebastian will do to you if he finds out, but I promise I won’t tell him if you help me put out these flames and promise to never cook with incendiary weapons again in your life.”

                “I promise, ma’am!” The chef quickly grabbed another blanket to extinguish the flames alongside his cooking companion. With the four hands, the fire was exhausted quickly.

                “Give it here, Bard.” The Feline held her arms out expectantly with an agitated scowl upon her lips.

                “Give what where?” The Feline glanced angrily at the weapon on the counter. It lay innocently upon the granite countertop as if it had done nothing at all. “No! I can’t give away Shelly, Miss _____! We have together through so much!” The Feline raised an eyebrow.

                “Shelly? You named your flamethrower?”

                “Children have stuffed animals. I have Shelly.”

                “You do realize that you just inadvertently compared yourself to a child?” The blonde frowned, unwilling to recognize her statement and even more unwilling to comply with her atrocious demand.

                “I can’t let anything happen to me Shelly, so there ain’t no way in ‘ell that I’m givin’ her to you.”

                “Baldroy, I promise I will not misuse ‘Shelly.’ I am only going to put her in a safe place so you can’t use her to do any more damage to the master’s kitchen. He most certainly will not appreciate the costs. You can come visit her everyday if you’d like.” The blonde’s eyes darted over to his weapon before taking “her” up in his arms.

                “All right, Shelly. You’re gonna live with Miss ______ for a while. She’s gonna take real good care of you. I’ll visit every day. I promise.” The man kissed the barrel of the gun lightly before handing it over to the baffled woman standing in front of him.

                “All right, then. Thank you, Bard. I will put—I mean…escort­—Shelly to her new home. Start cleaning up this mess. I’ll call Mister Tanaka and Mey-Rin in to come help you.” The Feline then took the weapon to be stored in a safe, and heavily guarded, place.


                The day was nearing its end when The Crow and The Feline were finally rejoined. It was a rare occasion at the manor, but somehow the couple managed to have an hour or so of free time before the master usually retired for bed. The pair walked beside each other with fingers interlaced and bodies standing very near. The extra hands must have allowed for them to have this time, despite all the mishaps that managed to occur during the first day for the three new servants. The Crow glanced down at his mate longingly every so often, simply admiring her beauty and cherishing the time that they had given. Rather, he was cherishing the time that the Almighty had given back to his beloved. What if she had really died when Ezekiel was killed? What would have become of him, of his soul?

                “What are you thinking about, my crow?” The voice startled him and he was quickly pulled from his thoughts.

                “Whatever do you mean, Kitten?”

                “You just seem to have much to think about. I can see it in your eyes, for they are filled with worry.” The crow prince debated on whether or not it would be best to convey his true thoughts, but he eventually decided that it would be best to tell his mate the true.

                “I was…thinking about yesterday—”

                “Corvus,” The Feline spoke, shocking her mate at the use of his formal name. “We are together now. That is all that matters.” Her gait slowed as she began to pull her hand away from his, allowing her to wrap her arms around his slender form and embrace him tightly.

                “I know, but I just cannot imagine life without you. If you had left me yesterday, I… I don’t know what I would have become. There is nothing beyond my life with you. When I see my father, it will be a meeting he won’t soon forget. I would die before I ever let him so much as stare at you again. You are my world. I love you so much. I love you so much that I feel that I need a better word to express my feelings to you.” The Crow held her tightly against him. “Please, tell me you know that, Kitten. Everything that you are, from those pools of (e/c) to the very end of your fingernail is precious to me and so very essential to my survival. Your scent intoxicates me, your touch leaves me hungry and breathless, your words bring me to silence. You are the epitome of euphoria.”

                “How? How do you manage to speak words to me that Shakespeare himself couldn’t make Romeo say to Juliet? Ours was never meant to be a love story and we were never meant to be star-crossed lovers. We were just supposed to be. But, now, and only now, I am beginning to understand what you told me the day of the Choosing Ceremony. We are meant to be together, but not because of your place as a prince of hell or because of my beauty, but because it was something likened to Fate. My Crow, it is now when you speak to me like this when I can say that I am truly honored to be your princess.” The Feline reached a hand up to stroke his cheek, her soft skin rubbing gently across the sharp edges of his pale cheek bone. He took her hand in his own and placed it on his neck, bringing his other hand to her waist as he did so.

                “Kitten, I am the one honored to be your prince.” Both of the demons’ eyes flashed fuchsia as their lips touched. It felt as if it were a perennial state, something that they could stay in forever. The kiss was everything. It was all that needed to be expressed throughout the whole adventure that was their relationship. The fear. The pain. The desire. The greed. The despair. The love. When they did part, it was as if their bond had been completely redesigned and made stronger than anything a creature could fathom. “______ (last name), will you do me the honor of becoming ________ Michaelis?”

                “Only if can keep being your kitten, Mister Sebastian.” The pair smiled at each other, still in each other’s arms, before they returned to their previous state, with lips pressed tightly against each other and feelings of the deepest love flitting through the air.



SebastianxDemon!Reader His Princess Ch 16
Okay, summer has begun so I can FINALLY finish these last couple of chapters. I am so freaking done with junior year.

Next: Coming soon~

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