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October 19, 2013
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Coming Home for the Holidays

“Bruder*! Get up off your lazy arse and come help me prepare for _____’s arrival!” The blonde yelled at his napping brother. Ludwig had his arms covered in tinsel and his hands were full of Christmas tree ornaments.

“West, I’m sleeping! Besides, someone needs to be around the phone in case our kleine schwester* calls!”

“Dummkopf*! There are phones in every room in the house. _____ has been studying abroad in Paris for three years and the holidays are the only times of the year we get to see her, so I want her return to Berlin to be very clean and organized! So get up and help decorate for Christmas!”

“Geez, West! Fine what do you need me to do?” Ludwig raised his brows.

“I don’t want you to do something that could potentially ruin everything I’ve been working on all morning, hmm. Hang up ornaments on the tree, zhere shouldn’t be any vay zhat you could ruin zhat.” Gilbert grabbed the ornaments from his little brother’s hands and ran off towards the tree. “Hey! Zhose are glass and we’ve had them since we were children, don’t break zhem. If you do, I’ll break you!” Gilbert only laughed his annoying laugh, ready to decorate the tree. Ludwig rolled his eyes and began to wrap the wooden staircase in a mix of gold and silver tinsel. When he finished, he examined his work and smiled. “Now, time to gather the supplies for cookies.”

“COOKIES!? West, we have to wait for kleine _____—“

“I’m just going to pull out the ingredients!” It was a tradition the three siblings participated in annually, making Christmas cookies together. The two brothers would never admit to their little sister that it was the highlight of their year. Ludwig walked back to the kitchen to pull out sugar, dough, and whatever else they’d need to make cookies.

“West!” Gilbert appeared behind his younger brother.


“Aren’t you excited!? I miss her so much. I can’t vait until she graduates next year and comes back home.  We only have one more year until we’re a Beilschmidt trio once again, kesesesese.” Ludwig smiled softly at his older brother.

“Ja*, bruder. I’m excited.” Gilbert scoffed and messed up his brother’s perfectly slicked back hair.

“I like it when _____ comes, but not only because she’s home, but also because she makes you less stoic! Lud, you need to loosen up and get yourself a girlfriend and stop being so hardcore.” The German growled at his older brother. “Oh, don’t forget to put on your ugly Christmas sweater. _____’s plane arrives in about two hours, we must look presentable.” The pair smiled at the thought of seeing their little sister again.

“Hey, Gilbert?”


“Do you zhink ______ could pick up a French accent?”

“No, but I’ll tell you what she can pick up.”


“Frenchmen.” Gilbert chuckled at his joke while the blonde only scowled.

“I vould much prefer an accent.”

“Aww, Luddy. Are you overprotective? So cute…” The snowy haired German teased his younger brother before leaving the kitchen.

“Vhere are you going?”

“To put on my sweater!”  

~Timeskip brought to you by a loving German family~

The two brothers sat in the now fully decorated living room, waiting for their little sister to drive up at any minute. The Prussian groaned as he looked at the clock.

“What time did she say she would be here, Vest?”

“About three.”

“Vest, it’s three-thirty! I want to braid her hair now!” The German glanced suspiciously at his albino brother.

“When zhe hell did you learn to braid hair…?”

“Umm…well, you see…—“ The conversation was interrupted by the repeated ringing of the doorbell.

“Luddy! Gil! Open up, I want to see my idiot bruders*!”  The pair rushed to the front door and quickly fought over who opened it. Ludwig yanked the door open and the men yelled out in sync:

“Welcome home, _______!” The girl was bundled up in a winter coat, hat, and scarf, chuckling at the sight of her family. She wrapped her arms around the both of them in a warm hug.

“I missed you two so much!” The brothers frowned as they realized something very important was missing.

“_____,” the Prussian spoke. “What happened to your accent!?” Ludwig quickly nodded in agreement.

“Well, I just haven’t been around my own people, I am in France, you know.” The brothers sighed simultaneously before smiling.

“Come in, ______. Ve decorated the whole house!” Ludwig exclaimed, with a rare grin on his face.

“Ja*, but I did most of zhe vork.” The Prussian interrupted.

“No, you didn’t, dummkopf*!”

“Vest, don’t be a liar.”

“Don’t be an arschloch*!” ____ pulled her siblings apart before they got the pistols out. Why did this seem to happen every year she came home for Christmas?

“Let’s say for God’s sake that both of you decorated the house equally.” They both nodded before punching each other in the side. ________ rolled her eyes before pushing through her brothers to get inside the house. “You guys really have outdone yourselves! It looks great!”

“Danke*, ______.” Ludwig said.

“Hey, kleine schwester , how about Vest and I take up your bags?” ______ nodded in agreement.


The three siblings stood in the kitchen, cookie dough laid out on the counter, along with cutters, sprinkles, and many different colors of icing.

“Okay, same old routine, guys?”

“Ja,” answered Gilbert. “You cut the cookies, Vest ices them, and the awesome Gilbert, who is me, will sprinkle them!” _________ rolled their eyes before commencing the production of Christmas cookies. _______ alternated between Christmas tree and gingerbread man shaped cookies, Ludwig meticulously, but quickly, iced them, and Gilbert piled on the sprinkles. Within the next thirty minutes, they had managed to reduce the pile of dough only a ball. Feeling mischievous, ____ split the ball in two and threw one piece at each of her brothers. “________,” Gilbert whispered. “Do you know what you’ve just started?”

“A war?”

“Oh ja, Vest who’s side are you on?”

“Yours as usual.”

“Let the battle begin!!!” ________  said as she tackled Gilbert to the ground and began to tickle his armpits.

“Verdammt*, ________. Why alvays zhe armpits!!” Ludwig knocked _____ off of Gilbert before she could do any more tickling. They all eventually made their way to the couch to rest. Ludwig opened his mouth.

“_____, why do you have to be in France? Vhy can’t you just stay home?” Gilbert perked up and nodded in agreement.

“ I promise I’ll come back home after school, you know that. Plus, if I was here all the time, Christmas wouldn’t be as fun as it is.” The brothers nodded in agreement before hugging their sister’s waist. The brothers both were astonished as to how childish they acted when their sister returned home, Ludwig especially. While they squeezed ______ in a tight hug, they both muttered:

“Wir lieben dich, kleine schwester.*”

“I love you, too, dummkopfs.”
This is a request written for :iconsakuramelodysong:


Bruder: brother

dummkopf: dummy

kleine schwester: little sister

Ja: yes

was: what

arschloch: asshole

verdammt: dammit

danke: thank you

Wir lieben dich, kleine schwester: We love you, little sister
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Female-Canada Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I tried not to cry... It sounded like I was trying to take a dump..

Like this:

forevergotenandbra Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014   Writer
lol! XD
xNirialx Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013
This ist so adorable! I just noticed a little mistake: the plural of Dummkopf is Dummköpfe, not Dummkopfs. But apart from that, the German parts are really good :)
forevergotenandbra Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013   Writer
Thanks, I never knew that.
Bbg100 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013
This makes me cry tears of awesome
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I'm touched. :)
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u know i couldnt help but find this french and i was coming home from france lol
plus this was the best stories ever
ich liebe dich bruders!
forevergotenandbra Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013   Writer
Lol, that is ironic!
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