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May 30, 2013
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Our Bouncing Baby Boy
Chapter 3: World Meeting

    After your date with Ludwig, he didn't stop smiling. This was rare for the German, As of right now, only you, Ludwig, the Italy brothers, and your parents in (c/n) knew of your pregnancy. You and Ludwig planned to tell all the countries tomorrow at the next world meeting. It was currently a little after six in the evening and you and Ludwig were relaxing on your leather couch watching children's movies. You felt so relieved now that Ludwig knew about the baby, all that worrying for absolutely nothing.

"I still don't understand vhy you vanted to vatch Beauty and zhe Beast, ___________. Your twenty-three human years old."

"Hey! I don't complain when we watch your movies!" The German chuckled and snaked his arms around your middle, carefully as if your stomach was porcelein. He pulled you onto his lap and stroke your (h/c) locks. He rubbed your still thin belly gently.

"Vhat should ve name him, schatzi*?"

"Well, I haven't really--wait, 'him'? Who said it was a boy?!" You turned yourself so you were facing your husband.

"I just...know, _________. I don't know how or vhy. I just know."

"He'll be a new Germanic coutry so we ought to name his something...German. Something pretty--"

"Men are not pretty! They are strong." The German's eyes bored into yours with great determination. There goes all my ideas.

"Fine, Luddy. But, it has to be cute, like your name!" Ludwig blushed and pouted with saddened blue eyes.

"_____, I am not cute." You looked at his expression and smiled at your proof.

"Yes you are! All pouty and blushy and all! This is a Kodak moment!" He glared at you, regaining his composure. "We should name him Steffen."

"No." He frowned again.

"Vhy not?" You said mocking him in a condescending manner. Heglared again.

"Just, no. All vight?"

"All vight, Luddy! Klaus?"


"I just can't when today." He chuckled at your hurt expression. "Hmm," the German looked at you patiently. "Lukas." HE thought for a while before smiling and nodding. "Lukas Beilschmidt." Ludwig rubbed your belly again before smiling and leaning in to kiss you. "If it's a girl, we're screwed." He looked down at you.

"Ja, we sure are."

~El Timeskip to tomorrow brought to you by GILBIRD~

    You felt an annoying, constant pressure on you shoulder. You finally opened your eyes to see it was five o'clock in the morning. You groaned and turned to find your freshly showered German husband in a towel.

"Stop poking me, Luddy." You sighed and nearly fell asleep when you felt him poke you again. "Luddy, stawwp!" You whined. He chuckled and let you sleep for the duration of time he took getting dressed. Once he was in a nice grey suit, he shuffled into you closet and pulled out a black pencil skirt with a white dress blouse and black strappy heels. He laid them on the bed and went to your side and picked you up. He stood you on your feet and grabbed your wrist, leading you to the bathroom to clean up. "Ludwig Beilschmidt!" You glared daggers up at him and he only smiled back.

"Did you forget, liebe*?" You instantly remembered and dressed as fast as possible. Ludwig chuckled when he heard you thundering down the stairs.

"I'm ready, honey." He grabbed your hand and pulled you out to his silver Mercedes. When you arrived at the UN building, you nearly crumbled from seeing all the countries again. Amazing waht a few months away does... Ludwig held your hand a gave you a reassuring squeeze when he felt you were getting nervous. You looked to the right of you to see a familiar brown-haired Hungarian pulling a black-haired Austrian.

"(c/n), I haven't seen you in forever, we need to get out some time. I enjoy your company more than you phone conversations." You smiled and dropped Ludwig's hand, signaling that he could talk to Roderich.

"Hey, Elizaveta! It's so good to see you again, I've miss you." You hug your longtime friend. The bell that started the meeting sounded and the two of you pulled away and returned to your husbands.

"Oh, vhere are my manners? Nice to see you again as vell, Frau* _____." You smiled and gave the muscial Austrian a small hug.

"You, too, Roderich." The four of you shuffled in and Ludwig grasped your hand again. He led you to the head of the table where he sat to lead the meetings. You sat in the chair on the right of him. While all the countries were chatting, a good bunch came up to you and greeted you. After a few minutes, Germany stood up to signal that the meeting has begun. He pulled you up with him.

"Before ve start vith any of our current vorldly issues, I have a very important annoucement to make. It involves every country. As most of you have seen, mein* vife, (c/n), has returned to her first meeting after our marriage. Unfrotunately, she vill not be staying for more than a few months due to her current condition." Before Germany could finish, worried murmurs erupted from the room.

"Is she sick?" "What happened?" "Will she be okay?" Many accents filled the room. Germany lifted his hand to silence the concerned countries.

"She is fine, but their vill soon be a new country in zhe vorld." The murmurs were soon replaced with happy shouts. America, who was sitting directly across from you, stood up and patted the German on the back.

"I knew you had it in you , bro, congratulations!" The American soon came over and hugged you. Many other countries came and said something along the lines a congratulations. When nearly all the countries were back in their seats, you moved a little closer to your German and hugged him. He blushed and you planted a kiss on one of his fiery red cheeks before leaning in his ear.

"I love you, Ludwig." You whispered in his ear, he leaned down and placed his lips at your ear.

"I love you too, ______."
Okay here's the promised chapter three! Thanks for all you guys' support with this story. LUKAS BEILSCHMIDT is the winner! It was an almost tie with Steffen. Oh well.
Part one:[link]
Part two:[link]
Part three: you are here~
I'm taking requests right now, please post your requests here: [link]
That's also the rules
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