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May 12, 2013
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Germany x Pregnant! Reader
Our Bouncing Baby Boy
Chapter 1: Crap

       You stared down at the dreaded contraption, willing the two lines to dissolve into only one. Not being able to look at it anymore, you sat the terrible indicator of pregnancy on the counter and left the restroom. Pregnant? No way, not now! You and Ludwig were in your first few months of marriage. Sure, you two were well off financially, Germany and (c/n) are two of the most powerful countries in Europe. You were both world powers. But, were you and your husband ready to create and raise a country? What if you two couldn't control it and it got into wars with the other nations? You thought to yourself, realizing that you and Ludwig would be the first couple with children. Elizaveta and Roderich were sure to follow, but still. You said a silent prayer to The Lord above that you'd be able to take care of this child. Maybe Luddy will work late so I won't have to tell him so soon... Luddy....What would he say? The two of you had never discussed starting a family. You paced around your kitchen island.

"I need to sit down." you said to yourself, trying to calm your nerves. You sat on the black leather couch in your living room and placed your head in your hands. Come on, __________! This can be good, quit moping! Your pep talk didn't do a thing. In the midst of your sulking, you heard the phone ring. You debated on ignoring it, but it might've been important. With a sigh, you stood and answered the phone. "Hello?" you asked stoically.

"Hello, liebe!" Your face fell at the heavy German accent. Think of the devil, the devil shall appear. Ugh... It was none other than your German husband. Crap. The person that you didn't want to have to speak to until late at night after he had a few beers and was ready for bed. If sober, he would immediately pick up on anything out of place. You tried to pretend you were your normal, chipper self.

"Hey, baby? How's your day going?" That should lower suspicion.

"Vhat are you up to?"

"Ah," you sweat dropped. "!"

"I vas zhinking that maybe ve should do somezing tonight, ja?" He seemed excited, this would be your first time out together in awhile. He'd been so focused on work and training that you hadn't spent much time as a couple. But as a new wife, you just basked in the glory of calling him your hubby.

"Okay, babe! That sounds good, we can decide on what to do when you get home." You smiled, even with the confession looming over your head, you couldn't help but appreciate his fidelity and love. The smile soon disappeared when you heard him begin to speak again.

"Meetings are over for today, _________, so I'll be home in a few minutes. I vill see you in a bit. I love you!" A few minutes!? Shit!

"I love you, too! Bye!" You heard him hang up and you instantaneously  ran into the bathroom and retrieved the positive pregnancy test. You dashed up the stairs and hid the test in your nightstand drawer. A few more minutes, a few more minutes until Ludwig would be home and would realize something was off about you. "Crap." You fell back onto the bed behind you and stared at the white ceiling, wide-eyed. A few more minutes.
Chapter one! This is a germanyxreader chapter story I will be writing, I've already written chapter two but it won't be up for a little bit, but sometime this week.
Part one: You are here~
Part two:[link]
Part three:[link]

I'm taking requests right now, please post your requests here: [link]
That's also the rules
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WHERE'S PART 2?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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