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May 18, 2013
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Germanyxpregnant!reader Our Bouncing Baby Boy
Chapter 2: Date Night

       After you had disposed of the test, you went and sat in front of the television to relax. Maybe some TV will relax me. You grabbed the remote and flicked on the device and saw the opening theme for Spongebob playing. You chuckled to yourself before easing back into the couch. You sighed, thoughts and mental images of babies plagued your mind despite the silly show. Do I want this? You didn't consider giving up your child, but would Ludwig want the child? The two of you had never discussed starting a family beforehand. Perhaps everything will work out. Best not to worry. You turned around to face the foyer when you heard the click of the front door unlocking.

"_______, I'm home! Vhere do you vant to go today?" You heard your husband call.   All right, no worrying the German. You peeped your head into the foyer to find your blonde husband smiling with his eyes hidden behind his lids. Crap, he's extremely happy! Well, why not enjoy another date night? It might be the lat one for a while... You plastered a cheerful simper on your face.

"Hey, Luddy! How was work?" you asked. Ludwig opened his blue orbs to see your face. God, how your smile brightened his day.

"Hallo! Today was actually pretty good, Italy only took one 'siesta', America kept his hero-crap-talk to a minimum, and Britain and France only brawled four times! Hell, we even got some work done!" The ecstatic German returned your simper with one of his own rare smiles. He walked over to you and wrapped an arm around your small waist. You looked up at the German towering over you. After meeting the chips of blue that stared into your soul, you tipped your head back down. "Schatzi*, vhat's wrong?" You felt two of his slender fingers tuck under your chin and pull your head up, forcing you to look into his eyes. Come on, think! You pulled away from Ludwig and saw a flash of hurt graze his features. Guilty at causing your hubby pain, you grasped his shoulders and squeezed.

"It's nothing important, honey-bunny. It can wait 'till later! Let's just enjoy tonight." You lied. Fact is, it was extremely important.

"Vhy von't you meet my eyes zen? If vhat worries you isn't important, vhy are you so anxious?" Of course he was able to see right through your defense.

" may be important, but it can wait."

"Liebe...all right, zen." His blue orbs reflected worry. Guilt tugged at your heart. Focus on tonight, Luddy. Fun night... You put a hand on his cheek and met his eyes. He looked up at you.

"I'll tell you later, don't worry." You smiled at him, "Now what did you have in mind, Luddy?" He brightened up at that.

"Vell, I zhink zhat we should go out to dinner. Nozhing super fancy, but like our dates vhen ve" His smile widened, "Perhaps go out for ice cream later." You smiled. How sweet, Luddy. You pecked his cheek.

"You're adorable," he blushed. "Same old routine? I pick dinner, you pick ice cream?" He nodded and smiled nearly resembling...Italy. Wow, it must have been a really good day. "Olive garden, I want breadsticks!" You ginned at the German, already knowing his choice of ice cream. It hadn't changed throughout the years that you dated, it wouldn't change now.

"Hagen-Das! German chocolate ice cream." You chuckled and wrapped an arm around his waist, bringing the two of you hip-to-hip in the foyer.

"Let's get dressed, babe. Let's go have fun!" You pulled his wrist up the stairs to your bedroom. He raised an eyebrow at your eagerness. What could have been so important? He was worried about the beauty that was his wife. What was she hiding in that head of her's? Perhaps homesickness? She hadn't seen any of her friends or family in (c/n) since their wedding a few months ago. Ludwig dropped the topic in his head and focused on which necktie to wear. He turned his head to find you rummaging through your closet for shoes to match your blue jeans and white halter top. He finally settled on a navy tie, a white button down, and black slacks. You glanced at the attire he was about to don and chuckled inwardly. Refusing to be casual to Olive Garden, only you, Luddy.
       He unbuttoned his work shirt and pulled off his tank top. Ohh, those abs. You nearly squealed wit delight. You turned back to your closet to finish the strapping on you black gladiator sandal heels. The German stole another glance at you and smiled deviously. He tiptoed over to your hunched figure, strapping the heel, and picked you up by your middle.

"Aah! Ludwig Beilschmidt! You demon, put me down!" You glared at the laughing blonde. What a jackhole! He set you down and walked over to his loser and finished getting dressed.

"Ready, ______?"

"Yes-sir-ee!" You smiled, your earlier nerves were nearly gone. You turned to grab your black purse and felt a firm arm snake around your waist. You blushed, even after a good five or six years of being romantically involved with him, you still blushed. You heard a deep chuckle and the jingle of keys before Ludwig tucked his index finger in one of your belt loops and pulled you out to the car by it. He released you and kissed your cheek before opening the passenger door of his silver Mercedes. You slid inside the car and he shut the door behind you and hopped into the driver's seat.
~timeskip brought to you by FRANCY PANTS!~
       Ludwig pulled into the Olive Garden parking space. You hopped out of the car before he could come to your assistance. You scanned the semi busy restaurant and your eyes landed on two skinny men with identical curls. You smirked.

"Hey, Feli! Lovi!" Their heads both immediately snapped at the sound of their familiar nicknames. Italy spotted the silver Mercedes and grabbed his brother's wrist and dragged him over to you and Ludwig.

"(C/N), Germany! It's so nice to see you two!" Feliciano smiled while Lovino scowled and glared at innocent bystanders. "Let's dine-a together! The four of us!" The Italian smiles and laughs. Ludwig scowled at his peppy Italian friend.

"Fratello, Germany and (C/N) are, obviously, on a date! They don't-a want to-a eat with you!" Romano glared at Italy and stormed back towards the restaurant, knocking people over that stood in his way. Italy looked down, ashamed.

"I'm sorry, Mister Germany. I was just so-a excited to see (C/N)! She hasn't been to world meetings since you two were-a married!" The Italian sighed in sadness.

"She's under my protection, Italy. I take care of her paperwork now," the German grunted at Feli. "Italy, please let (C/N) and I eat alone." Italy nodded and waved goodbye.

"Bye, bella! Bye big-fat-meany-pants!" He walked off into the restaurant. Ludwig grabbed your hand and laced your fingers together. He pulled you into the restaurant and the smell of breadsticks and pasta drifted into your nostrils. A waitress seated the two of you in a booth by the back. She asked for your drinks.

"May ve have a bottle of Chardonnay and two waters, please?" He answered and the waitress wrote it down. He wants to drink something else besides beer today. Hmm, oh my Lord. This is the apocalypse. A few minutes later, the waitress returned with the drinks and took your dinner orders. You sipped on the wine a little and just when you were feeling a bit buzzed, you heard the deep voice of the German. "Vhat vas so important, ________?" You looked to his wine glass to find it completely full. Shit! He wants to get me while I'm buzzed! That sneaky jackhole! You looked everywhere but his eyes. You felt something warms grasp your hand under the table and immediately jumped and looked down to find Ludwig interlocking his fingers with yours. "Sagen sie mir bitte, liebe*." You met his pleading crystal eyes with your (E/C) ones. He's speaking German! Shit, he's not messing around.

"Luddy, I--can't it wait-"

"Liebe, bitte* must be of major importance." He looked so serious. You looked down, debating on whether or not to tell hi . The wine was really making it hard to think, but one thought was prominent. I'm hurting him. I'm hurting him by not telling him. You opened your mouth to speak, but you said nothing when you felt the warmth of his hand leave. You looked up to see him striding over to your side of the booth. He wrapped his arms as tightly as he could around you.


"Yes, Schatzi?"

"Today I...I found out..." You trailed off, leaving a very anxious German uninformed.

"Vhat?! Vhat happened?!" The waitress walked by with your food and quickly set it down when she saw the scene. The food went untouched. No going back, _______.

"I'm pregnant, Luddy." You looked down when he didn't respond. He laughed. "What's funny?" You looked at him confused.

"That's fantastic, _______! The vay you made it seen, I thought somezhing terrible happened."

"So you're not...mad?" He heard your timid voice and gripped your shoulders. His blue eyes pierced your soul again.

"Liebe, vhy vould I be mad at somezhing so vunderbar*?" He hugged you again. "I love you and our baby! You've made me zhe happiest man alive!" He kissed your lips then all over your face. "I'm going to be a vati*!" He yelled. This caught the attention of two Italian brothers that happened to be walking by.

"What!? Ve! Congratulations (C/N) and Germany!" Feli came over and tackled both of you.

"Feli, you're crushing us." You squeaked out. He stood up and Romano approached the two of you.

"Congratu-a-lations, (C/N) and dumb-potato-eater." Romano grumbled. Ludwig rolled his eyes but said nothing as the brothers walked away.

"Hey, Luddy?"

"Ves, ______?"

"Can we still get ice cream?"
Okay! This is chapter two!! Now, in the comments, choose which name you want for your baby boy! A) Lukas B) Klaus C) Steffen
Country baby name
A) Wertvolleland (precious land)
B) Geschenkland (gift land)
Please answer in the comments! Thanks for all the comments and love! Mwaahhh!!!!
Schatzi: sweetheart
Sagan sie mir bitte, liebe: please tell me, love
Liebe, bitte: love, please
Liebe: love
Part one: [link]
Part two: You are here~
Part three:[link]

I'm taking requests right now, please post your requests here: [link]
That's also the rules
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