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May 30, 2013
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Hide-and-Seek With Pancakes

    You sighed in contentment, everything was perfect, absolute perfection. You were holding your five-year-old son, Matthew, on your lap. He was sleeping, his arms wrapped as far as possible around your back and his head upon your chest, You were sitting in his playroom, rocking back in forth in the oak rocking chair. Francis, your husband of seven years, would be returning from world meetings anytime now. You smiled and rubbed your baby's blonde-brown hair.
    You were beginning to drigt off yourself when you heard a soft knock on the already open playroom door. You looked up to see Francis. You stood, careful not to wake Matthew, and laid Matthew on the carpet with his maple leaf blanket and stuffed polar bear. Francis walked toward you and embraced you in a warm hug.

"Francy-pants!" You whisper-yelled, with a huge, fat simper across your face. He frowned at te nickname, but quickly pressed his lips to yours in greeting. You smiled again and tugged at the end of his blonde ponytail, causing his to playfully glare at you, he soon smiled and rubbed your waist.

"______! How are you and Matthew today?" He whispered, very much aware of the passed out five-ear-old. He flashed a grin of his own before pulling you in closer to him.

"I'm well and Mattie's been sleeping all day. I guess those brownies we made last night took its toll on him..." Francis nodded and grabbed your hand, leading you away from your child to the living room downstairs. He sat on the loveseat and you followed suit, going to take the second cushion when he tugged on your wrist once more. You looked up in acknowledgement and he patted his lap and motioned you over. You rolled your eyes and sat on your Frenchie's lap. He began kissing everywhere where skin was visible, your neck, face, lips, ankles, arms, hands, and your collarbone.

"Mmm, mon amour.* Sometimes, I wish I didn't have to share you with Mattie." He pulled you in for a passionate kiss when you heard the patter of soft feet and a yawn.

"Mama, I'm hungry." You pulled away from a disappointed Francis to find Mattie in his pajamas, clutching his polar bear. You stood and walked over and picked up your baby. Mattie rubbed his eyes and peered over your shoulder to find the irritated Frenchman. "Daddy!" Mattie stretched his arms towards his father, begging for him to pick up his small child. Francis' expression changed from one of irritation to happiness in a few seconds. You gladly passed his the squirming bundle in your arms and headed to the kitchen to start on some pancakes for Matthew.

"Bonjour*, Matthew." Francis pulled Matthew closer to him and kissed his forehead. Francis looked at his son, the spitting image of himself with violet eyes.

"Daddy, may we play a game?" Mattie looke up at the smiling patriarch.

"We can play anyzhing you want, as long as zhere's no running in zhe 'ouse. Mama nearly skinned us bothe alive when we broke 'er favorite vase..." Francis internally trembled at the memory of your angry tirade. He quickly lowered the boy to his feet.

"Let's hide from Mama, so when she comes out, she won't know where we are!" Francis nodded at the child before jogging up the wooden stairs. Francis motioned for Matthew to follow and the pair ran up to you and Francis' bedroom and hid in your large closet. You had just finished Mattie's pancakes and were stepping out the kitche to feed your angel.

"Mattie, your food--Mattie? Francy-pants?" You looked around the living room and found no Matthew or Francis. Knowing good and well that they're started up a game of hide-and-seek while you were gone, you jogged up the stairs to Matthew's playroom and looked around. You didn't see anything so you headed to your room down the hall. You faked a sad voice. "Mattie? Francis? No, where are they?" You hear a chuckle from the closet, but kept searching elsewhere. "Is my baby here?" You looked under the bed and found no Matthew. You searched for a few more minutes before opening your closet door to find matthew cuddled up in Francis' chest. If only Japan were here, this was a Kodak moment.

"You found us, Mama!" You climbed in the closet with them and began to tickle Matthew's sides.

"Yes, I did! Your food's ready, Mattie." He jumped out of Francis and your arms and ran out of your room, downstairs to the kitchen. You glanced at Francis before you collapsed into his chest. "I found you too, Francy-pants!" He leaned in your ear.

"Now zhat you 'ave me, what will you do, mon amour?" You smiled and brought his lips down to yours in a heated kiss. His tongue ran over your lips, begging for entrance. You were about to grant him access to the promised lan when--

"Mama, Daddy? Are you guys coming?" You pulled away hearing your child call from downstairs, it was only a matter of time before he came searching for you two. The two of you pulled away, again. You smiled at the, again, irritated Francis.

"Baby calls, Francy-pants." You tugged on his hand to bring him downstairs and he grumbled the whole way.

"This is cruelty, mon amour."
Ok, today I'm submitting ALL of my crap. I've been writing like crazy in my notebook and I just haven't gotten around to posting. Sighh...oh well hears a treat!
Mon Amour: my love
Bonjour: Hello
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ShadowGamer1315 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
"This is cruelty, mon amour."

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iwannasetstuffonfire Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Twelve years later, at prom, I'll be slipping condoms into Mattie's pocket for him and his date and Francis will be giving him tips
forevergotenandbra Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014   Writer
Lol, you guys are bad influences!
iwannasetstuffonfire Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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