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July 26, 2013
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It killed him, well it would if he wasn’t already dead. He was so close to his love, but still so far. He wanted that (h/c)-haired beauty. Everything about her was just absolutely amazing, her personality, her figure, her eyes, oh and that smile. That smile seemed to be what really got him. Francis was nearing a hundred years old and was desperately in need of a mate, he had no problem with getting women, it was falling in love with them that was hard. A few years back, the devilish vampire of a man had walked into an unknown café, just looking for a decent cup of coffee, he didn’t have to live off of blood alone, and he could eat and drink like a human, that’s when he saw her. ______, his new obsession, dressed in long khakis with a barista apron over her body. That’s when he knew, as soon as he laid eyes on her, he knew. She was going to be his new mate.

That occurrence was about three years back. He had spent those last three years working his way into her life, becoming her closest friend. Francis was completely wrapped around her finger, he found himself doing so much for one woman than he’d ever done before. At first, he tried to ignore the feeling in his chest, thinking that ____ couldn’t possibly be his soul mate. She was too sweet, too innocent to be changed into one of his kind. Alas, Francis could do absolutely nothing to stop it. Today was the day, he was going to tell her, he would change ______, whether she agreed or not, she would be his mate, and his only. He couldn’t take it, knowing that ______ was still available for any willing man to snatch up.

Francis was currently walking the few blocks to ______’s, apartment. He was prepared to tell her, to spill the contents of his heart out to his beloved. He was dressed in black jeans and a blue v-neck. His long blonde locks were tied back into a ponytail and he was wearing a pair of similar blue sneakers. His pale body was exposed to the sun, unlike all the myths about vampires, he could live with the sun. His eyes that varied between blue and red depending on his mood were a crystal blue, and to top it off, a smile adorned his already perfect features. The vampire eventually reached her apartment complex and went up the familiar elevator to your floor. He greeted some of _____'s neighbors that he saw in the hall before knocking on your door.

“______? Will you let me in, ma belle dame*?” He had taken advantage of knowing French when _____ didn’t and often called her many French terms of endearment.

“Francis? Yeah, it’s open!”  He smirked, only a few more minutes. He gently pushed open the door to see his _____ in a white sundress with a hot pink bow around her waist, her (h/c) locks shining. Even in her simplest form, she looked so elegant to the French vampire. He breathed deeply, inhaling her alluring scent. He suppressed a groan of intense pleasure as the woman’s scent made its way to his nostrils. She glanced in curiosity at him. He was by far one of the strangest men ______ had ever met, the surprise meetings at her apartment nearly twice a day, always seeming to know when she was out, he was creepy, but he was her best friend. “What brings you today, Francis?” He smirked before turning to face the girl.

“Same as always, mon amour*.” She rolled her eyes before answering her own question.

“To enjoy my company?”

“Oui*.”  She chuckled and sat on her sofa and motioned for him to come join her.

“What do you want to do?” He ignored the question and instead tilted his head so that his nose nuzzled her neck and he could get another whiff of her scent. This, too, was another thing that creeped out the poor girl. He wasn’t the typical best friend, he acted more like a lover than a friend, but he never actually went so far as to make advances like that. He continued his nuzzling before subconsciously opening his mouth to let his abnormally large eyeteeth graze the (e/c)-eyed girl’s skin. She yelped in surprise. “Hey! What are you doing?!” She pulled back abruptly, pulling the vampire out of his reverie. After being pulled out of his euphoria, his eyes popped open to reveal a scarlet red, dripping with desire. “What the hell is wrong with you, Francis?! Your eyes!” She stood and backed away from his as much as she possibly could only to be cornered by the creature.

“I want to make you into one of me.” He placed his hands on each side of the girl’s body, trapping her and forcing her to stare into his piercing red eyes. She opened her previously squeezed shut eyes.


“You asked me what I wanted to do, I want to change you.” He nipped at her neck again and that’s when she saw it. His long eyeteeth had grown into monstrous fangs and that also explained the change in eye color. He was a—

“Vampire… That’s why you’re so different from everyone else.” He smirked once more before nipping at the skin of her clavicle, successfully drawing blood.

“You were always a smart girl, which makes you even more perfect, even more beautiful.” She looked up at him in surprise.

“What are you talking about?” He blinked, his red eyes momentarily flicking back to blue in his surprise. His arms slackened and _____ began squirming to get away. He immediately tightened his grip and leaned in with now scarlet eyes.

“Live up to some of your smartness, _____. Just think for a little bit, take a wild guess on why I act so different with you.” The second he had said the word beautiful, she knew what he wanted, what he was after all along.

“I don’t want to be a vampire, I’m perfectly happy being human. I don’t want to be stuck living until the world ends.” She was half right, but so very wrong.

“_____, you won’t be alone though, if you just—“

“I don’t want to be your mate, either. I know you are very promiscuous. Even if I feel that way for you, I won’t be played with.” He was surprised once more, she was indeed smart, but very ignorant to true vampire ways.

“Mon amour,” He tsked. “You have it all wrong. Once a vampire chooses his soul mate, they cannot be apart from them. It is more a decision the heart makes, rather than the brain. The moment I laid eyes on you, I just knew. Luckily for moi*, you were not a mated vampire, so I could have you on every term. Once I change you into one of my own, you will be all mine. No one can have you, but me.” She shivered at his husky tone toward the end.

“I don’t want that, I want to fall in love on my own terms.” He shook his head and tsked.

“But you will. I will change you and you will immediately be mine. Since it was my desire for you to be my mate, if I change you, you have no choice. This is good, but it also means if I don’t change you soon, any vampire could. Wouldn’t you rather it be me, _____?” She squeezed her eyes shut, trying not to look into the piercing red eyes of the man before her.

“Well, yes, but are there even any others after me?” Damn, his plan of convincing her was breached. Guess I’ll just have to force her.

“No. Why can’t you just see how much I love you and love me back?! Just let me be with you.” She jumped against the wall. She saw a hint of her friend and lifted her hand to rub his surprisingly warm cheek.

“You’re warm.”

“Myths aren’t true.” She nodded before she continued rubbing his cheek. He let out an audible sigh, closing his eyes. His grip slackened and she was able to move from him, but chose not to. He leaned his head forward so that his head rested on her shoulder. He murmured something.


“I want you to stay wiz me forever, mon amour. Be my mate.” His eyes were their familiar shade of blue.

“You’re really stubborn.”

“I’m adamant about having you.” She didn’t shiver at the huskily said words.

“If it helps any, I’ve always had a crush on you.” He smiled before returning the Francis ______ knew very well. His grip released altogether and he was posing.

“Well, who could resist moi?” She chuckled.

“You’re funny.” She said something else in a whisper, a whisper so silent, not even his inhuman hearing could catch it.

“What was that? May you repeat?” She blushed before shaking her head.


“You can’t lie to a vampire, they have inhuman senses.” She rolled her eyes before finally realizing that he was just going to nag until he found out.

“I wouldn’t mind living with you for eternity.” She watched his eyes change color.

“Let me change you!” He wrapped his arms around her waist, not leaving her any wiggle room. He placed his lips right at the apex of where her neck met her collarbone, fighting with all his strength not to just bite and listen to her satisfying screams.

“Francis, I don’t know if I’m in love with you.” She lied through her teeth, still uncomfortable with the idea of becoming a vampire.

“It matters not, you will be soon enough, you liar.” He smirked at her and she went red again.

“How did you know?”

“I can hear your heartbeat, it sped up when you said that, so you were lying. If you didn’t love me, you would fight tooth and nail. But, you stand completely still.”


“Let me change you.” He whispered against ____’s soft skin. “I’ll be better to you than any human can. I’ll show you the world. I’ll treat you like the princess you are.” That all did sound promising. _____ thought for a while. It didn’t seem too bad. She’d get to experience it all, a romantic husband, sort of, a happy home. She’d never get to be a mother… She looked down. “What’s wrong, mon amour?”

“How do you know something’s wrong? You can’t sense emotions, can you?” He smiled, his scarlet eyes flashing to blue for a second.

“No, but I can feel you. It’s not a vampireristic trait, it’s just something I…know. I guess everyone’s like that with the ones that they love.” She nodded.

“I’ll never be able to be a mother.” He stared at ____ for a while before bursting with laughter. “Hey! I really wanted kids!”

“_____, you really believe in too many myths. You can still be a mother, honestly, _____. Are you a fan of Twilight or something?” She smiled.

“Not really, it was too sappy for me.” He patted her (h/c) locks. The scarlet of his eyes deepened.

“Will you let me change you?” His grip on her waist tightened.


“Will you be mine and mine alone?” She smiled and wrapped her arms around the Frenchman’s torso.


Okay, vamps! Got this idea yesterday and just couldn't hold it in. I'm going to post one of my requests tonight so please don't kill me! Let me know if you want me to make this a series in the comments!
Ma belle dame: my beautiful lady
Mon amour: my love
Oui: yes
Moi: me
Prologue: Here, silly!
Chapter one:
Chapter two:

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